Diabetes Awareness Month: D-Quote #20, Perseverance

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! I am pleased to present you with D-Quote, a Diabetes Light initiative that gives voice to our community and helps provide awareness for this challenging invisible condition. Thank you for reading. I encourage you to pass these meaningful quotes and stories along to increase our advocacy and outreach efforts. All advocacy moves us closer to a cure. Thanks for your help! 🙂

**A special thanks to our community members for taking the time to write and bravely share their stories and experiences to provide diabetes awareness.

photo-72“For me, perseverance is key with diabetes.  And determination. These things I learned from watching my mother. She is the most determined woman I know. I think that if she can stay strong through losing two of her children, cancer 3 times, watching one daughter battles Crohn’s and me deal with diabetes, then I can do it.

I am determined to live the best live I can and not let diabetes get in the way. So I work hard. I watch what I eat, I count carbs and balance insulin. Basically, I think like a pancreas. I take one day at a time, for what good does it do to worry about tomorrow. And most of all, I hold on tight to Jesus because this is one wild roller coaster ride! I can do anything, even diabetes, through Christ who gives me strength.”

Cathy DeVreeze
T1 for 8 years
Diagnosed May 2005

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