Guest Post: My Type 1 Holistic Journey Towards Healing

Editor’s Note: Most of you know how much I love everything holistic! After all, my very blog is about my holistic journey to health. When we look at our body as a whole and work with holistic providers that share this same body, mind and spirit connection, true healing begins. I am so excited to share this blog entry with you today written by a holistically wise member of the Diabetes Light Online Facebook Community. Hayley, who has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 20 years, is such a source of knowledge and inspiration. I know you will benefit from hearing about her holistic journey and the many ways her health has flourished from exploring the far-ranging and healing benefits of integrative medicine.

Thanks for reading! And please give Hayley some feedback through a share, like or comment for bravely sharing her story. Thank you Hayley! I am so glad to know you on our mutual T1d holistic journey to health. I look forward to learning more about how your health continues to blossom with the use of integrative therapies. Blessings.

photo 1 (3)Recently, an amazing holistic breakthrough has directly impacted my Type 1 Diabetes and my desire for self-care. In the past years (realistically, many of the 20 years that I have lived with T1D), I have truly struggled, never fully committing to my overall health management. After many years of torturing my body by way of ‘forgotten’ glucose checks, guessed boluses/corrections hours after eating, eating habits that I am mortified of, etc., I have finally begun to treat myself and my body in the loving and respectful way that I now believe I deserve.

My recent ‘game-changer’ is CST. Craniosacral Therapy is a type of body work that is done by applying a gentle pressure to different parts of the central nervous system to relieve tension throughout the body. The practice is so difficult to portray clearly to someone who has never experienced it. My practitioner herself said she even has a hard time explaining it to someone she has never treated. There is lots of information you can find online about it, however I couldn’t truly wrap my head around it until after I had several appointments.

photo 2 (3)I actually found myself in Mary’s (my CST practitioner) office sort of randomly. I had recently been doing some personal spiritual/meditation work, and my mind fell upon the idea that I needed to have some Reiki treatments to balance my chakras. After asking around in my holistic circle of friends for recommendations, I was led to Mary, who is certified in Reiki, CST, and visceral manipulation (although I’m not totally clear on what exactly that is…). She uses her instincts/intuition to tell her which combination of those three techniques to use during a session. I was surprised to find that I experienced significant deep emotional healing after only a few sessions, and have been able to release some old stagnant energy that is no longer productive or needed within my mind/body. My body felt lighter, happier, and healthier immediately after my first session with her.

To me, CST feels like a very gentle massage over various parts of your body, head, back, torso, feet (and Mary has even done some work inside my mouth/jaw area which totally remedied my nighttime teeth grinding and jaw tension). Mary told me that although it is interesting and can be helpful when a client is an active participant in the CST session (I ask A LOT of questions and like to discuss how the session went after it is over, as well as chatting about how I’ve been feeling before we begin), it is not necessary that the person receiving treatment is even aware of what areas of the body/mind/energy field or the accompanying emotional issues that they need work on in order for it to be beneficial. I find it extremely interesting how different organs and body parts relate to different emotions on symptoms in the body.

It was through a session with Mary that I realized my need for a liver cleanse. She commented after my first session how my body had fairly easily released some sorrow, fear and anger. In my second session, I had another big release of anger (which is commonly held in the liver), although she could still feel/sense somehow that there was still some stagnant/stubborn energy that seemed stuck in my liver. After explaining how closely related physical toxicity and emotional toxicity in organs can be, she recommended some gentle cleansing, hoping that by encouraging some physical toxicity to release, that the emotional stuff would clear out as well. I took a few rounds of milk thistle supplementation to work on the regeneration of my liver cells as the old junk was moving out.

Through some reflection and meditation, I started to realize that the anger I had been holding onto for so long was likely directly related to being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 9. After living with T1D for 20 years, I finally realized that I had never fully processed it, never truly allowing much faster than I likely would have otherwise, learning as much as I could as quickly as I could about my body and it’s disease in order to carry on with as close to a normal life as I could manage. I think the fact that I never received any counseling/support specifically related to my T1D diagnosis may have played a part in the anger that was suppressed in my system for so long. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, looking back, I felt so alone and beyond my years, and had no one to relate to or discuss it with. I knew I needed to process this so the stagnant anger could leave my body.

I still could not shake the feeling that I needed a deeper liver cleanse to release the anger. After more questioning around to my holistic circle and local contacts, I found myself in an herbalist’s office who worked closely with me (obviously aware of my T1D) to come up with an herbal liver cleanse that took about 2 months total. After that I was simply AMAZED at the difference in my mood and my body, in general. I no longer felt angry at the simple things that I finally realized were not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. My patience was no longer short with my family, and all of the sudden I stopped feeling urges to overeat and ‘damage my body’–my whole appetite and attitude towards food and eating (which was so screwed up from dealing with T1D and it’s implications with eating/food management) was literally reset. All at once I felt ‘worth it’. I know this sounds a little out there, but my life was literally changed in such a profound way!

Once I experienced such a dramatic change in essentially the way I viewed my body and my self worth, I was able to delve deeper into some different ways of eating and self-care that I had been wanting to explore but had never taken the steps to actually start doing so.

I had previously looked briefly into AIP (autoimmune paleo) diet, and although that seemed much too strict for me to jump right into (maybe someday!), I decided to start a modified version of the paleo diet when I fell pregnant with my second (December 2013), mostly to try to avoid the approximately 40 pound weight gain that happened when I was pregnant with my son in 2011. After about a month and a half or so of eating (mostly) grain free, we went to a wedding where I ‘cheated’ and had a toast point with some smoked salmon. After the single piece of toast, I was extremely sick (almost unable to get out of bed) for 2-3 days, experienced severe facial breakouts and mood swings. Several other times shortly after that when I was accidentally ‘glutened’, I was so sick and it became more and more clear that I either have Celiac Disease or am extremely gluten sensitive. Apparently, being GF (gluten free) for those weeks had reset my body’s reaction levels to it. (Although I had not been completely GRAIN free for those 6-8 weeks, when I DID eat grains, I stuck to rice, corn, or something else that was gluten free.)

During those weeks that I started my gluten free diet, my body experienced some significant changes. My skin began to clear up after battling with (at times severe) adult cystic acne for about 5 years. My mood and energy level was better than ever before, and my digestion was finally normal. Even though I never got an official diagnosis, sticking to a gluten free diet keeps me feeling SO good overall, that I barely even miss my old way of eating. Just the thought of being that sick again keeps me on track with staying GF. I may try to add in some soaked grains eventually, as I’ve heard stories about people who cannot tolerate gluten but are able to tolerate some amounts of sourdough and/or soaked grain breads… I may experiment and see how that goes sometime in the future.

Other places my healing journey has led me thus far are to a holistic pelvic care practitioner, an acupuncturist/Chinese medicine doctor, and a naturopath. As my total mind/body healing journey continues, I am constantly amazed at the power of alternative medicine, meditation, and self-care. It is my hope that everyone (suffering from a chronic disease or not!) who desires a holistic healing experience can eventually be led to the resources that they need to truly heal. My holistic journey has only just begun a little over 3 years ago, and I cannot wait to see which direction it leads me in next.

photo 3 (1)


In Peace & Light,


**Hayley lives in the Louisville, Kentucky area. To learn more about one of these amazing healthcare providers or contact Hayley directly, you may email her at:

A Brilliant Success Story of Following My Heart & Truth

Oh my goodness!!! I am not able to share exact details, but wow did this morning’s Diabetes Light Facebook post (displayed at bottom of this article or link to left) come in handy shortly after I wrote it!! Want to share with you to give testament to the life-changing message shared! I had a situation come up this morning that I wasn’t sure how to handle. I reached out for help from two local friends and my husband who is in San Francisco this week at a conference. I wasn’t able to reach any of them and sat back a few minutes, hoping I’d hear from one of them soon. Then, I remembered the post I had shared on the page minutes before… Follow your heart. Follow your own truth — it will not lead you astray.

I drafted an email to the person I needed to communicate with in regards to my situation, writing from my heart. I LOVED it — feeling it proudly displayed my truth. So decided to send it off with no feedback from my friends or husband Jaim. All day long I waited for a response on the situation… in agony… wondering… Did I do the right thing?!? Or had I pushed the envelope too far…

I finally got a response this evening, and… I received the extremely positive outcome I was looking for!!! You have no idea how pleased I am right now as I took a risk of losing it all to follow what I believe in and the truth I feel so strong in my heart.

I share my story with you now to inspire you to have courage to do the same in your life.

On a side note, what I can say is that my writing at Finding Peace Between the Pokes for Diabetic Lifestyle will be resuming this month after a several month break. Can’t wait to get back at it and share my holistic message of body, mind and spirit health and wellness with the world. Thanks, as always for your readership, support and just being awesome you. I am blessed. Never does a day go by that I’m not extremely grateful to have people who want to read what I write as I share so transparently from my sensitive heart. <3

ps. Two of the three I contacted this morning for help eventually wrote back, suggesting I accept the situation as is. If I had decided not to follow through in the manner I did (going forth with my own thoughts & ideas about the situation and taking action with the gusto of my own heart!), I never would have realized my own potential or experienced the immensely positive outcome I was seeking. :) Wow, such an amazing and powerful lesson that I will carry with me. I’m so thankful for this growth, always.

From today’s Facebook post (picture credit: Karen Salmansohn):

photo (70)

Follow your heart and pray. There is such a connection between our spirit and the Divine. Do you feel it too? The answers are right there waiting for you or will arrive when the divine timing is just right… How will you know? Whatever you are most passionate about — whatever makes your whole being tremble with aliveness, producing the greatest joy in your heart and smile on your face. This, is what you are called to do. Ask, listen, receive.  God will back you up 100% on these endeavors of your heart. Never listen to the people around you saying it’s not possible! You know your own truth. Honor it. What you are capable of will amaze you.

How is this connected to diabetes? In every way! Body, mind and spirit are all connected. To have health that thrives and a joyous life worth living, we need to remember to look at ourselves this way.

Thanks Karen Salmansohn for this image and great quote this morning. Very thought-provoking. What are your thoughts?

ps. I am not talking about medical care here. Always see your doctor or healthcare provider for medical concerns. This is for matters of the heart and your life purpose! 

In Peace & Light,


Designing a Team T-Shirt for Tour de Cure: Our Story

I am really excited to share this post with you! As some of you know I’ve lived with Type 1 diabetes for 27 years. The last 4 years I’ve participated in a fun cycling event that is a fundraiser for the ADA (American Diabetes Association) called the Tour de Cure. Last year I started my own team — The Light Riders. (Notice the connection?? Diabetes Light & The Light Riders? I love Light!! What can I say?! :)). Jaim actually thought of the team name when we were on a bike ride the summer before… And I loved it so we went with it! In 2013, we not only raised almost $8,000 for diabetes advocacy, education and research but it was a great time and I felt so supported having friends and family around me rallying for a cause (health condition) that affects me so much every day.

I decided this year I wanted to design a t-shirt for my team! Then one day this winter as I was on Facebook, there was a guest post on one of the diabetes pages (thanks DOC!) about a Type 1 and her husband living in England that not only do amazing work raising money for international diabetes causes (check out their blog T1International), but they are both artists as well! They are also available for commissioned work with the profits going toward AYUDA, “a non-profit volunteer organization that empowers youth to serve as agents of change in diabetes communities around the world.” With the funds raised, Elizabeth is traveling to the Dominican Republic in June to take part in a diabetes camp for children, “I’m trying to raise funds to do so, and these dollars raised go directly into helping Dominican kids receive and learn how to use supplies and education to deal with an often confusing and scary disease.” 

Super excited to have found a Type 1 artist to help with the possible creation of a t-shirt design for our team, I talked to my husband Jaim about it right away. Believing in her mission, we decided to donate to Elizabeth’s project through AYUDA for a design to be created! Little did Elizabeth know what she was getting into… :)

I had lots of ideas in my head about what I envisioned for our design. I LOVE birds and knew a few of my good T1 friends on the team do as well. “Just put a bird on it” (from the show, Portlandia).  Yup, pretty much… :) I also wanted to feature the blue circle which is the international symbol for diabetes awareness.

This ride to me is about coming together as a community to cycle — not only for important diabetes causes that impact us all but for the benefit of our health (cycling is really good for blood sugars!). I wanted the design to reflect the beauty of a group of individuals (The Light Riders!) gathering to accomplish this.

Lastly, I just wanted it to be a bright, fun and happy shirt. One that as you look in your drawer at all your shirts say, “I want to wear that one!” And it just feels good to wear it. You know what I’m talking about! Everyone has that favorite t-shirt they love and just feel happy all day with it on.

I am pleased to share that I believe we accomplished all of these things and more! Important to note is that I was just the one with the ideas and vision for what I wanted created, and Elizabeth and John are who put my vision into this beautiful design. I cannot wait to get this printed on a cozy, soft organic t-shirt very soon at a local shop and wear it all the time! Thankfully, a few of my teammates who saw the design were just as excited and want to wear their t-shirt around town too!

Here it is! What do you think??

photo (68)I love it so much! And it could not be a better fit for what I had in mind. You can see also that she incorporated the words I used in email conversation with her about what the Tour de Cure means to me and placed them in the awesome blue circle around the design! I love having not one, but two blue circles in my design for diabetes awareness!

Here is a little blurb about Elizabeth and John at T1International and the part they each play in the creation of my design and the artwork featured in their T1I Marketplace. They are also available for individual consultation and design work as well as for any artistic or design needs you might have!

photo (67)“In terms of artwork and our ‘creative process’ for the Light Riders – I drew out some ideas and scanned them into the computer. John took the images and put them together in a cohesive way using photoshop and we worked together to amend the lines and colors, etc. Basically I guide him to make what I see in my head into a reality on the page. He offers suggestions and input as well. It all starts with YOUR words/vision and then I interpret it and he makes it a reality. :)”

I’d also like to share that Elizabeth, who was the one I communicated with during the design process, was extremely easy to work with. She was always polite, friendly and prompt offering many great ideas and suggestions as we communicated back and forth. She was also very open and accepting of the many ideas and changes I brought forth — most recently at the end when I suggested changing one of the cyclists to a child not only to reflect the large amount of children living with Type 1 diabetes but also the young T1 riders on my team! Take a look at the artwork on her page to support a very worthwhile cause and check out her blog too. I have always been very passionate about helping those less fortunate in other countries and this is Elizabeth’s and John’s passion — a definite necessary component of diabetes advocacy as we each reach out in different ways to help others.

Thanks for all you do Elizabeth and John to help make the world better for others and for the lovely and perfect design you created for The Light Riders.

Oh, here are a few links if you’d like to check out The Light Rider’s team page or my personal page for the Tour de Cure or support my ride with a donation. Thanks. :)

Lastly, leave a note on Facebook or as a comment on this blog post with your email address or send me a private message on Facebook if you are interested in ordering a t-shirt for yourself (whether you are a Light Rider or not). I do not have more details at this time, but can get in touch with you once I find out more.


In Peace & Light,


Healing Benefits of Yoga for Type 1 Diabetes: My JDRF Presentation

Those of you that have been following my blog a while know I love yoga!! Although I’ve written a handful of articles as well as posts on Diabetes Light’s Facebook page about aspects of my current practice, I have never shared the story of how my practice began or gone into detail about some of yoga’s amazing health benefits.

I was recently asked by the JDRF MinnDakotas office to be on a panel with a T1 cyclist and T1 marathon runner at an Adults with Type 1 meeting (AWT1) and share about my experience with yoga and Type 1 diabetes. An incredible Type 1, Sarah Hankel, who works as a personal trainer and is an endurance athlete shared first as the main presenter.

**This is a collage of the four presenters made by the marathon runner in the lower right hand corner, Doug. Also pictured, Sarah, upper right, personal trainer and endurance athlete. And Christine, upper left, a cyclist who rides in the JDRF fundraising ride annually.

**This is a collage of the four presenters made by the marathon runner in the lower right hand corner, Doug. Also pictured, Sarah, upper right, personal trainer and endurance athlete. And Christine, upper left, a cyclist who participates in the JDRF fundraising ride annually.

I was absolutely thrilled being given this opportunity! After all, I have experienced profound healing of mind, body and spirit since adding yoga to my life and was excited to share this life-changing information with other Type 1’s.

photo (65)I seriously could have talked over an hour about yoga — so much good stuff to share!! Especially considering yoga, developed in India, has been around over 5,000 years!! (isn’t that incredible??). Since giving this presentation I have thought about so many more things I wish could have been included. Yet, we can only do so much with a small window of time to share our story!

A special thanks to a few Diabetes Light community members that made the request to see a video of my presentation — this prompted me to ask my husband Jaim to come to the meeting and record me on my iPhone! A big thanks also to Invisible Bee Yoga in South Minneapolis (my very favorite yoga studio!) for generously donating a free class coupon and schedule for all of the T1 meeting attendees. One more thanks to Jaim for taking a few pictures and recording my presentation! And lastly, thank you JDRF MinnDakotas for asking me to share my yoga story and knowledge with the local Type 1 community and for believing in the value and benefit of promoting holistic health. Yoga has been life-changing for me in my life with Type 1 diabetes.

**And please keep in mind, although I have been a reader/lector at church for quite a few years since college, I am not an extremely experienced public speaker yet about diabetes and related holistic topics. This just gives me inspiration to improve! Although there are some ways I can grow in my presentation skills, I am super passionate about the subject matter and have received many healing benefits from my yoga practice — both in studio and at home.

Thanks for watching!! I hope not only that you might learn something new but if you have not yet tried yoga, may feel inspired to add this healing practice to your life. I also hope this video helps you feel like you get to know me a little bit better. I am not always sure how I come across in my writing and in my daily Diabetes Light Facebook posts, but I do love to joke around a lot and make those around me laugh. I can also be quite serious and love to educate others… :)

Without further ado, here is the YouTube video of my presentation that was given to an audience of about 27 awesome T1 peeps at the JDRF Adults with Type 1 (AWT1) meeting last week. Note: There was Q & A (question & answer) at the end — the actual yoga presentation is not the full length of this video.

Here is a link to the video:

In Peace & Light,


The Healing Power of Tears

A Theology professor in college shared once in class about how healing it is to cry. It has been helpful all these years as the tears fall from my eyes with grief or upset to remember they are good for me and nothing to hold back or be ashamed of. I had unexpected tears fall from my eyes this morning after making a phone call. As the person answered I needed to speak to, all I could do was cry as I tried to get the words out that I needed to say.

I was reminded just now about the healing nature of tears when I saw this beautiful Facebook post with reflection by Jeff Brown: “When we release our emotional holdings, the path clarifies. This is why the suggestion that our emotions are an illusion does not serve us. When we pretend they aren’t there, they just turn inward against us- congealing into walking time bombs- and they block our lens. The more we honor our feelings by expressing them, the more space we have inside for clarity to emerge.” (*Image created by


So, please remember the next time tears start welling up in the corners of your eyes — there could be nothing healthier for your soul, heart and spirit than for you to release them. Let them fall, one by one. Whether it becomes a brief release or many emotions all at once deciding they want to come out. Release the healthy expression of tears and experience the healing that comes when you do. Blessings to you on your path and always remember that tears are a good friend on our healing journey. Blessings.

ps. If you saw the quote I wrote earlier today and shared on Diabetes Light’s Facebook page, this is related to the same situation. And I did feel much better after I cried.


In Peace & Light,


A Diet Exemption Card: Why You Need One!

For as long as I can remember and especially the last 6 years living with multiple food intolerances, I bring food with me wherever I go. It can be anything from a full balanced meal to one snack or two (or more!) if it’s a long day away from home. I take my health seriously and do not chance getting hungry or low while away from home. It is not easy to find food that is free of gluten, corn, nuts, refined sugar and dairy in a pinch.

A number of years ago a family physician that worked at my previous endocrinology clinic let me know about a diet exemption card — it allows someone with diabetes to safely bring food with them wherever they go (no restrictions), including the Twins baseball games my husband loves so much! Seldom do I have to pull it out, but tattered and torn and expired since 12/2/09*, it has come in handy a few times to let authorities know there are several important medical reasons I need my healthy food and not the crap sold at concession stands! Of course, if you are enjoying a treat at an event, no judgment at all! I would be partaking once in a while too in nachos, popcorn, ice cream or chicken strips if I could!

*Why do these expire anyway? Makes no sense!

*Why do these expire anyway? Makes no sense!

Another T1 (Thanks Thea!) shared an article this morning of a Type 2 in New York that was escorted out of a movie theater for eating strawberries (link below). Ridiculous! After a google search, I was able to find a new diet exemption card that I was able to print myself (yes, I’ll have to admit, it was an exciting moment for me… lol) – that I’ll have my endocrinologist sign at my next visit. Although this is for the state of Minnesota, I am sharing it here with you to possibly use (I have never had anyone read the fine print on the back of the card) or as an idea to check into if your state may offer this handy and necessary tool to ensure our health and safety as individuals with diabetes and/or food sensitivities/Celiac, etc. I recommend doing a Google search and entering in your state + diet exemption card to see if one is available for your state to guarantee the efficacy of the card for you.

Does anyone else carry one? Have you heard of a diet exemption card before? It means business! Lol. :)


In Peace, Light & Health,


Carrots and Raisins: A Lesson in Empathy

Miss KToo cute. A Mom of a T1 contacted me (due to my food intolerances) to ask what would be a good gluten and nut free pre-packaged snack to bring for treat day at her daughter’s school. As I have made a conscious choice to cut way back on processed food, I was at a loss of what to suggest that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. I assumed that the gluten and nut free treats were for her 12 year old Type 1 daughter — I was informed otherwise. Her daughter is just fine but there are two other kids in class – one who cannot eat gluten and another who cannot eat nuts. This sweet T1 girl said, “The other kids bring in things like cupcakes for all, and the girl who is on a gluten free diet doesn’t get anything…” Not wanting for any child to feel left out, she worked with her mom to find a safe snack that everyone could enjoy. Eventually deciding on individual bags of carrots and little boxes of raisins for each child. Perfect!

I was just so touched by her heart. Diabetes is really a challenging and at times unbearable condition that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But… this is a perfect example of how diabetes can change even the littlest of souls. And help us be better people — kinder and more considerate of others and their needs because of the pain and struggles we’ve endured. I wanted to share this touching story with you to remind you that there is beauty in the struggles. Love despite the pain.

Bless this young T1’s heart and all the little T1’s out there who are learning what the true meaning of empathy is and are truly wise beyond their years. 

*Thank you to the mother who graciously allowed me to share her story and provided me with this sweet picture.

**Story originally published on the Facebook page for Diabetes Light.

In Peace, Light & Health,


How to Stay Warm in a Polar Vortex.. Lessons From a Pup Named Jonah!

Jonah was born in Kentucky so is more of a Southern boy. In January 2013 he gave some ideas of how to survive cold snaps. He’s back around this January with a few more tips of how to stay warm when you live in a chilly Northern state like Minnesota where the weather gets frightfully cold.. (-11 reg. temp & -35 below windchill right now*!). This is the coldest winter we can remember! *Written on Monday 1/27/14.
1) Find any patch of sunlight streaming through a window and just bask. Close your eyes, feel the warmth. Let it brighten your spirit!

IMG_78862) Look really cute and slightly cold while relaxing on your dog bed. If you are successful, your human will have empathy for you and cover you with a blanket. This will keep you warm and toasty. Enjoy.

IMG_78803) Find your favorite toys and play! You may not be able to play outdoors when it gets this chilly but indoors is a very suitable next-best-thing replacement. By expending energy in movement, you naturally stay warm and keep your blood sugars in check!

IMG_78894) Give ‘em the best puppy eyes you’ve got (hoping it will work just like last time…) and politely ask to sit on their lap!  If you look adorable enough in your attempt, they will give in! Warm laps are the absolute best! And they make you forgot about the cold weather conditions outside… at least for a bit! :)

IMG_7894We hope these tips helped! Much love and many warm and snuggly greetings and high fives from Jonah… the Minnesota rescue pup teaching you to always rescue a dog vs. buy from a breeder or pet shop. Rescues are extremely lovable and will fill your home with immense amounts of joy and laughter (as you can see from the photos shared – my little comedian!).

One more thing.. If all else fails, wait out the cold weather patiently. The next day that’s a little warmer is sure to come soon!

In Peace & Light,

Cynthia and… Jonah! :)

Happy 2 years to Diabetes Light!!

photo-76Today is a very special day!! Diabetes Light celebrates 2 years! In blog terms this is officially called a blogaversary or blogiversary. But I’m about as big on that term as I am “diaversary” (living with diabetes anniversary) so I’ll just leave it that I’m celebrating my 2 year blog anniversary!

On December 9, 2011 the Facebook page for Diabetes Light was created. Then 7 days later on December 16, 2011 I wrote my first blog post about the benefits of coconut oil. Although I had wanted to start a blog for a long time, to start Diabetes Light right before finals was truly a distraction from my studies. I was enrolled in a nursing program at the time and procrastinating.. Since then I have left the program but Diabetes Light carries on!!

One of the greatest joys of blogging for me is the wonderful Diabetes Light community that has formed on Facebook. Each day I share a quote, things that make me laugh, smile or bring me health. Sometimes just what is on my mind or perhaps something I’m wrestling with. My greatest joy is getting to hear from you and what you are thinking about and experiencing.

We now have 832 members in our Facebook community which is about double the amount we had at this time last year for the one year blog anniversary! I am so pleased our community is growing and look forward to our continued growth in the next year!

My mission remains the same as when I started two years ago. I certainly don’t have things figured out as far as this crazy life with D, but I love sharing about my journey with others in a quest to live well—happy, healthy and with peace regardless of my diagnoses.

The added benefit? This diagnosis has allowed me to meet all of you! This is so incredible to me and one of the definite blessings living with diabetes.

Thank YOU!!!

Mostly I am writing this post today to thank you for joining me on the adventures of this D girl with her dog Jonah. :) Thank you for every like, share, comment and message. They truly mean so much to me and let me know you like the work I am doing through Diabetes Light and I should continue! Yay!

And thank you for reading. I write to help others and spend a lot of time and energy on each article I write so truly appreciate your readership. Your love and support of what I do is fundamental to my success.

This next part may sound super sappy and I truly apologize if it does… But I want you to know you are never alone. I may not have time for as many close friendships as I’d like, but I care about each one of you. And before I go to bed each night and in church each Sunday I say a prayer for our Diabetes Light community. I am always sending you light, love and peace from this little corner of the world in Minnesota. I hope you can feel it, especially on those dark days we all experience from time to time.. <3

Quick Summary of Blog Happenings…

I’d like to share just a little review of what I’ve been up to with Diabetes Light the past year! I was invited to speak three times on behalf of my blog! I love this so much. Although I was nervous, I was also so excited and loved sharing my story. I hope 2014 opens up more opportunities for sharing my passion and how I do my best to live well in body, mind and spirit. Here are a few pics! The first several are me teaching diabetes firsthand to a group of nursing students at a local university.

IMG_2040 IMG_2028 IMG_2012

Speaking to parents at a childrens diabetes camp - Camp Sweet Life

Speaking to parents at a childrens diabetes camp – Camp Sweet Life

Speaking at a JDRF AWTO (Adults with Type 1) group

Speaking at a JDRF AWTO (Adults with Type 1) group

I also took a blogging position in June with an online healthcare publisher called Diabetic Lifestyle, a subsidiary of Vertical Health. I write articles weekly for my blog, Finding Peace Between the Pokes (find listing of archived articles here). While initially somewhat stressful writing for a larger audience the first few months, I now have gotten over the stage fright – thank goodness! I have article ideas coming out of my ears! I have so many thoughts week to week what to write and share about. I hope it doesn’t stop! Which of course was my initial fear.. How does one write weekly without running out of things to say? Can I keep it up for 52 weeks alone? So far, so good. :) This also means I am contributing less to but I try to blog here about once a month.

Lastly, Diabetes Light was also nominated by members of our community for “Rookie of the Year,” through WEGO Health on behalf of their Health Activist Awards. I made it to the finalist category and although I didn’t win, it was an honor to be selected amongst such talented bloggers.

IMG_0977Oh, one last funny thing. I cannot tell you how much my dog Jonah comes up when people talk about my blog. That little guy likes to steal the show! Lol. But I don’t mind. :) I love my boy so much and he brings me so much happiness and smiles. And I’m glad he is able to bring you some of that joy too through his pictures and silly stories.

Who me? (Jonah...)

Who me?!?

Thanks again for reading! You all are truly the best! I appreciate you so much and am thankful for the special and meaningful part you play in my life. Many blessings to you, always. Namaste (the light in me honors and salutes the light in you!).

In Peace & Light,


Diabetes Awareness Month: D-Qute #21, Hero

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! I am pleased to present you with D-Quote, a Diabetes Light initiative that gives voice to our community and helps provide awareness for this challenging invisible condition. Thank you for reading. I encourage you to pass these meaningful quotes and stories along to increase our advocacy and outreach efforts. All advocacy moves us closer to a cure. Thanks for your help! :)

**A special thanks to our community members for taking the time to write and bravely share their stories and experiences to provide diabetes awareness.

“I once gave myself a shot in the leg on an outside deck on a cruise ship, nobody else around. I was wearing shorts, so it was very quick. My husband caught someone way across deck looking and grimacing. Quick as a wink, hubby flipped him off. My hero.”

Becky Tise
Type 1 for 8 years
DX date 10-15-2005

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