The Mountain Bike that Could..

by Cynthia
Me & my supportive Sweetie.. :)

Me & my supportive Sweetie.. 🙂

Thank goodness for the supportive people in our lives (friends, spouses and family members..) and things working out positively sometimes even when other things seem so gosh darn hard.. I am thankful. And I have a little much needed renewed hope. 🙂

I had an evening that gave me a lot of joy and happiness and… relief. I made a collage (see below) with the pics I took (naturally — I love pictures!). As some of you know, I have not been able to cycle for about a year, besides the ADA Tour de Cure last month, which I made an exception for, because of my severe frozen shoulder. While on that ride, my shoulder & arm started hurting at mile five and continued hurting for a few weeks which has not left me inspired to hop on my bike again.

Well today was day five with no walk due to some foot pain I have been experiencing. Feeling crabby and just not well from lack of movement for so many days, I set out for a bike ride tonight with Jaim. Thank goodness he was willing to ride with me as I really needed his support and I HIGHLY doubt I would have gotten out on a ride tonight myself without his companionship, support and presence.

This time, per Jaim’s idea, I rode my old mountain bike (vs. new road bike). Jaim pointed out the shock absorption built into this bike might help comfort my shoulder from the bumps. Well I am happy to report we cycled 9-10 miles (the GPS lost track. Grrr.) and I experienced ZERO shoulder or foot pain! Yay!! Let me tell you – it was a LOT of work pedaling up those hills at a park after not cycling much for sooooo long. I plan to go back out tomorrow morning. Sooooo happy! 🙂

I am working on an article to publish that will have the latest update on my foot.

The Collage Pics:

1. As we were about to leave for our ride I looked in the house and saw this silly dog looking out at me – Jonah.. Made me laugh. 🙂
2. The mountain bike and a close-up of the nifty shock absorber that padded my shoulder from the bumps!
3. The adorable little puppy we met tonight on our ride! I did stop my bike ride just to go over and meet her. Her name is Gladys and she is just 10 weeks old and a “Boxador.” (Lab/Boxer mix!).
4. BG on ride – 81. I ate a banana and took a break before pedaling again getting up to 107. I am now at 137. Perfect!
5. Just me before the ride.


Peace & Light,


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