Lessons from Jonah #3: How to Survive Cold Snaps

We have been experiencing some really cold weather this winter in Minnesota. After last year’s unseasonably warm winter, it has felt very chilly. Temperatures have gone as low as -12 F and wind chills around -30 F for several days this week! (even colder in other parts of the state). Brrrr. Just when we thought it was going to warm up a little, it’s only -2 out there right now! As many of you are experiencing, this cold snap has stretched into other parts of the country including Canada.

Jonah has a lesson to share with you in all this..


 Lessons from Jonah #3: How to Survive Cold Snaps

  1. Find the best place to get really comfortable, preferably a fluffy purple bed!
  2. Gather up all of your favorite toys—you might prefer your iPad or books but I like ones I can bite and chew on
  3. Don’t forget to grab a warm blanket to snuggle with. This is very important! See that blue blanket? This is my very own blanket that stays on my bed as I reeaaallly like fuzzy blankets a LOT! (my Mommy says this keeps me off the couch!)
  4. Forget about the cold weather while here and just RELAX… 🙂

We hope you are staying warm out there!

Peace & Light,

Cynthia & Jonah

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IMG_8817Jonah is our sweet rescue dog. Age 2. (DOB: 3/6/10). Jonah (original name Boone) was rescued by Homeward Bound Dog Rescue. Jonah, his momma and 5 litter mates (all strays) were brought up to Minnesota from Kentucky at just 2 weeks old. We adopted him at 9 weeks old. He loves cuddling, sprinting in large open areas (very beautiful to watch), chewing on one of his many toys or bones, eating and sleeping. Some of his favorite foods are apple cores, broccoli, carrots and peanut butter. Jonah is a charmer with everyone he meets. Some say he resembles a little deer. He is also very smart, reaching Level 4 dog training at the Animal Humane Society by age 6 months. We often get asked what kind of breed he is so I had his genetic profile tested through his vet—we found out that he couldn’t be more of of mutt! Every single grandparent and parent is a mixed breed. He is my sweet boy. I’m happy to share his wisdom with you through the snapshots I capture of him in his everyday life. We hope you enjoy Jonah’s lessons & maybe learn a thing or two from him as well!

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