Coconut Oil may help my Diabetes??

I am SO excited about this!! Coconut oil may help me live better with my Diabetes? Let me preface by saying I have not yet tried coconut oil in regard to these health benefits, but I was too excited not to post this video right away and share what I had learned in case it can benefit you or me! I stumbled upon this video after watching Ginger Vieira’s vlog this morning titled “Diabetics Are Awesome!”  Check it out if you haven’t – it is very entertaining!

Youtube listed a video below Ginger’s titled, “Coconut Oil Benefits Blood Sugar and Diabetics.” I was intrigued by the title so I watched it. The video features Bruce Fife, CN-ND, author of a book titled, “Coconut Oil Miracle.” I have not read this book but I am betting it is full of wonderful information. I am adding it to my reading list! Maybe I can become a coconut oil expert!

Many years ago, my Dad starting buying coconut oil by the gallon from his massage therapist, Barb. I semi-reluctantly took a tablespoon of it per day as my dad praised it’s heath benefits. I am sorry to say that I was not as in tune with my body at the time to know if it really made a difference in my diabetes management or overall health. I eventually quit taking it when it ran out. But I am excited to try it now again for these 3 reasons and more that this short 3 minute video states. Check it out!

1. Coconut oil reverses insulin resistance
2. Coconut oil improves circulation which may help a cut to heal faster
3. If you eat a meal and encounter a high blood sugar afterward, coconut oil may help bring your blood sugar down!! By taking a couple tablespoons of coconut oil at the time of the high they state that your blood sugar may return to normal within 30 minutes. This is the reason I am really excited about! If I encountered a 300+ sugar after eating and did not have to wait 2-3 hours for my high sugar to return to normal I would be ecstatic!

This is the product I will start taking. My husband actually picked me up a container of this at the Co-op last weekend for baking. I have been known to use coconut oil as a substitute for other oils in my baked goods. I am also a big fan of coconut flour as I am on a gluten free diet. I have made several wonderful baked goods with it – cookies, blueberry muffins and breads. I have also heard many other positive benefits over the years about coconut oil.

After seeing a woman last winter slather coconut oil on her skin at the health club, I also picked up a jar of coconut oil in the health/supplement section of my Co-op. I guess I didn’t use it again after my initial experience. Slathering it on my legs after my shower drew the unwanted attention of my dog Jonah! He was smelling the air as I walked by wondering what the sweet smell was. Once he figured out it was me, he tried licking the coconut oil off my legs. No thanks! I haven’t used it since but maybe will pull it out and try it again.

Alright folks! As I type I have my first tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth melting away! How does it taste?!!? Not too bad and it tastes better than the stuff my Dad used to get! This will not be too hard for me to continue taking on a daily basis.

Who is ready to take the challenge? Add 1 tablespoon a day of coconut oil to your diet and see if you notice any positive changes in your diabetes management or overall health? I promise to report back about my experience and I hope you will too!

Blessings, light & love,


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15 thoughts on “Coconut Oil may help my Diabetes??

  1. I had no idea that coconut oil had so many health benefits! Very informative,and well-explained. I certainly can use all the help I can get in controlling my BG’s, also my cholesterol, circulation, and for wound /skin care. I did watch (and enjoyed ) Ginger Vieira’s vlog (“Diabetics are Awesome”) ,and always find her presentation fun -. with a lot of helpful information and support included! I’m looking forward to reading more from you again Cynthia.

  2. Thanks John for your comments! Yes, nature gives us some gifts that can remarkably help our health and coconut oil is truly one of them! I am so pleased to hear the article was of benefit to you and you learned a few things that can help your health! I feel like I have already had improved blood sugar control and it has only been 24 hours since I added coconut oil to my diet! I really appreciate Ginger’s presence in the DOC and she does a wonderful job with her creative vlogs!

  3. Hi Debbie, thanks for the comment! I would highly recommend coconut oil. It has not even been 48 hours since I began coconut oil in my diet (1 Tablespoon first evening – Friday, 2 Tbsp – 1 am and 1 late afternoon – Saturday and 1 Tbsp this morning on Sunday (planning to take a second Tbsp late this afternoon again), and I am already noticing a HUGE difference in my blood sugars. There are less spikes and my sugars are staying in the near perfect range. After breakfast today my sugar never went above 125! Good luck and let me know your results! Less spikes can bring so much good health!

  4. Chan, Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog and reading my first article! It means a lot to me! I am just waiting to finish my Anatomy final tonight and will get writing on my next post right away! I can’t wait! I have a list of topics started that I would like to write about and it’s up to 16 items already! Thanks again for your support! Please “LIKE” my page on Facebook called “Diabetes Light” to be kept up to date on all my latest blog posts! Take care!

  5. Thank you so much Kent for checking out my blog and your comment! Yes, functional nutrition is SO interesting! I look forward to having my Nutrition class either this summer or next fall and learning more! I hope you will stop back at Diabetes Light again! I just finished my final for Anatomy class tonight so I have some time now to write my next article! After 3 tests in the last 6 days I am ready for a break! Take care!

  6. Rose says:

    I just glanced at your blog, didn’t have time to read in detail but saw your comments on coconut oil….I started using coconut oil in tons of recipes this past summer! Nutrition is one of my pet studies and I do a lot of research on it and how different foods react chemically within the body.

    I know eating healthy can get expensive, and I found that some of the foods that are very good for your body you can get for a lot less expensive at the Indian grocery markets, including coconut oil – just a tip!

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