Bliss: My Return to Yoga!

After 3 long months, I finally made it back to yoga for the first time last Sunday and returned again this morning. Both times rather ambitious as I did not have warm weather making the journey easy, rather zero degree weather with negative wind chills and fierce winds beckoning me and my mat as I made my commute to the cozy studio a few miles from my house.


January marks my fifth year practicing yoga. My absence from a practice that brings calm and peace to my mind and body including my blood sugars and a sense of ease and joy was not intentional or desired. Continue reading

Random facts about me!! (for No D-Day 2012!)

Today is no D-Day. No talk about the D-word here or on the Facebook page for our Diabetes Light community or in DOC! No D-Day was started by George Simmons of Ninjabetic. Check out his post here – this is where you can also share a link to your post for today. I think this is a terrific idea as our lives are about SO much more than D. I am happy to take part. Thanks George for creating this new and fun way for us to learn a little bit more about each other!

I have decided to share a little bit about myself in the form of a random fact list (inspired by Ginger Vieira – read her GREAT “No D-Day” post here!!) Continue reading

The blessing of restorative yoga

Editor’s note: This post was written last evening after having the most luxurious experience at a restorative yoga class.

Nara Chugen Mantoro (1)pjan vandaele / Foter


I just experienced a little slice of heaven tonight.

Restorative yoga.

Have you ever tried it? It is a definite must. Continue reading

ADA Tour de Cure: What it means to me (part one)

Post-ride 2011 — Can you tell how exhausted I am here?!?! : )

How I came to learn about the Tour de Cure…

In 2011 I participated in my first ADA Tour de Cure. A friend I used to work with, Janae, was deeply involved with the event and loved everything about it. She told me all about being a Red Rider (rider w/ diabetes) and convinced me that the Tour de Cure was something I needed to do. She also talked to me about the volunteer opportunities available and encouraged me to help out. I was sold. I signed up for the Tour only a few short weeks before the ride. I also started volunteering my time to help make the ride better for all fellow people with food allergies. Continue reading