Celebration of a member’s D-anniversary: 20 years later, a new beginning…

Greetings! When a little birdie tells me someone in our Diabetes Light Community is celebrating a Diabetes Anniversary, I like to honor that person with a special post on our Diabetes Light Facebook page. Today is one of these days for a special member of our community who has become a dear friend to me. I met Sama through Diabetes Light earlier this year on my 25 year Diabetes Anniversary! Things come back full circle sometimes, don’t they? Continue reading

A poem for Diabetes Awareness Month: In memory of our fallen T1 heroes

Editor’s note: Please know if you live with diabetes or parent a child with diabetes this poem may bring up difficult emotion for you. This past week, two young people with Type 1 diabetes perished. I was moved to write a poem after learning about their deaths that occurred just days apart from one other. My heart felt broken as I mourned for their lives lost. Putting these words onto paper was a way for me to express some of the grief I was feeling. Living with Type 1 diabetes, whether one knows the individual who passed away or not is irrelevant. When one is given an exit pass and leaves our shared community too soon, we all feel the ripples left in the pond.  Continue reading

Diabetes Art Day 2012: my experience


Hello and good morning! I posted Saturday on the Facebook page for Diabetes Light about Diabetes Art Day.  I welcomed you to join in this exciting event. How many of you are participating? It is not too late. Lee Ann Thill, founder of Diabetes Art Day, says it can be a healing experience and it sure was for me! Continue reading

The blessing of restorative yoga

Editor’s note: This post was written last evening after having the most luxurious experience at a restorative yoga class.

Nara Chugen Mantoro (1)pjan vandaele / Foter


I just experienced a little slice of heaven tonight.

Restorative yoga.

Have you ever tried it? It is a definite must. Continue reading

ADA Tour de Cure: What it means to me (part one)

Post-ride 2011 — Can you tell how exhausted I am here?!?! : )

How I came to learn about the Tour de Cure…

In 2011 I participated in my first ADA Tour de Cure. A friend I used to work with, Janae, was deeply involved with the event and loved everything about it. She told me all about being a Red Rider (rider w/ diabetes) and convinced me that the Tour de Cure was something I needed to do. She also talked to me about the volunteer opportunities available and encouraged me to help out. I was sold. I signed up for the Tour only a few short weeks before the ride. I also started volunteering my time to help make the ride better for all fellow people with food allergies. Continue reading