Struggle Stinks: A Diabetes Light Guest Post

Editor’s note: In honor of November’s Diabetes Awareness Month, I am delighted to share this touching guest post by Jim Murray, one of the founding members of our Diabetes Light Community¬†on Facebook. If you feel moved by Jim’s writing, please take a moment to leave a comment for him below in the post and/or on Facebook too. It is an honor for Diabetes Light to feature his writing. Jim had this to say about the story he wrote:¬†

I thought that comparing a bully to battling diabetes would help those not affected by diabetes to somehow relate. It also shows that those of us that fight this disease also still have everyday obstacles to deal with as well. Continue reading

A poem for Diabetes Awareness Month: What others don’t see

Editor’s note: This poem was written in the last few months during a particularly rough patch of diabetes management that I was experiencing. Diabetes can become unruly and difficult to control when anything else in life comes up – stress, an infection, etc. As we celebrate November’s Diabetes Awareness Month, I chose this poem to share because I think it is important we look at the many ways living with a challenging condition like diabetes can make us feel and be honest about the emotions we sometimes experience. If you are a friend or family member, you can rest well knowing I do not struggle like this daily. And if you know someone that has diabetes, show your support by checking in with that person once in a while. Let them know you care. Thank you.

homage to the fruit salad lightshow
c@rljones / Foter / CC BY-NC
What others don’t see


You don’t see how much I struggle

How scared I really am

How much this condition affects me

And how I’m really looking for people to understand

Why is it so hard Continue reading