A Poem: Diabetes, You Have Made Me..

images-2Hello! Two poems this week! I unexpectedly began writing a poem this morning a few hours after waking up. It is a reflection on living life, almost 26 years now, with Type 1 diabetes. After writing the poem, I decided to make a video recording of myself reading the poem to share here at Diabetes Light. At the same time I was setting up my iPhone to record, a good friend of mine suggested the very same thing—that I record myself reading the new poem to share with each of you. She received a recording through text this morning, and felt it had to be shared with you this way too. Continue reading

Lessons from Jonah #2: love is about receiving too…

Jonah turns 2 today! Please help wish him a Happy Birthday!

He also has a few things to say (in honor of his special day…) 

Are you ready to listen??

When we think about love, we often think about what we can do for others to show them our love– Continue reading