Yummiest Banana Pancakes (gluten & sweetener free!)

Oh my goodness. You have to make these! Sooooo good. And so easy, healthy and satisfying. Banana Pancakes. Oh, and they are completely D-friendly too—with no sugar! Only 4 ingredients.

I just made one of these for breakfast for the first time this morning and it is definitely a recipe I am waiting for my next banana to brown to make again. Here’s what’s in it: 1 brown banana, 2 eggs, a pinch of salt and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. I cooked it in a little bit of coconut oil.

I will give you the link to the original recipe by The Primalist to follow their instructions. Here’s what I did. I added 2 eggs to a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes to warm and then mixed all of the ingredients in my stand mixer. I set the electric stove to a temp of low-medium (8:00) and it was ready to turn at 7 minutes then heated it a few minutes longer on the other side, turning the heat down a little lower to the 9:00 position. I left the lid on while cooking. Before eating I added a little butter, a sprinkling of cinnamon and some real maple syrup. Yum!

These are definitely a great use for brown bananas and couldn’t be any simpler to make. I hope you enjoy!


More recipes can be found on the homepage under the tab at the top titled “Recipes.”

Peace & Light,


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Moments like these…


I truly do not think I will leave my house again. Nope, perfectly content right here. 🙂 Moments like these make my heart overflow with happiness. Thank you dear Juniper and Jonah for your love and companionship. I could not ask for better pets or ones that are as lovable, cuddly and caring as you.

Notice Juniper’s paw on my shoulder? It is still there as I type this. What a sweet kitty.

If you do not currently have a pet, I highly encourage it—especially if living with a challenging chronic health condition like diabetes. Juniper is from the local animal shelter and Jonah is rescued from a rescue organization, Homeward Bound. I support adopting rescue animals 100%. They will give you more love than you know what to do with. And with the difficult days diabetes can throw at us, this is a good problem to have.

Peace & Light,


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A Poem for Tuesday: The Princess and the Pea

Waking up in the night to tend to one’s diabetes can be a big pain in the butt! Whether it’s a low or a high or needing to use the bathroom because of a high. Or the worst—realizing you have to change your infusion set after all because the final bolus of insulin you gave at bedtime is not working (you are still high!) meaning your site really is dead and needs to be changed out pronto! One of my least favorite things is waking up in the morning with a high I’ve had all night long! Better to just get up out of your warm bed and take care of it. Anyone with me here? Continue reading

A Poem: Diabetes, You Have Made Me..

images-2Hello! Two poems this week! I unexpectedly began writing a poem this morning a few hours after waking up. It is a reflection on living life, almost 26 years now, with Type 1 diabetes. After writing the poem, I decided to make a video recording of myself reading the poem to share here at Diabetes Light. At the same time I was setting up my iPhone to record, a good friend of mine suggested the very same thing—that I record myself reading the new poem to share with each of you. She received a recording through text this morning, and felt it had to be shared with you this way too. Continue reading

Bliss: My Return to Yoga!

After 3 long months, I finally made it back to yoga for the first time last Sunday and returned again this morning. Both times rather ambitious as I did not have warm weather making the journey easy, rather zero degree weather with negative wind chills and fierce winds beckoning me and my mat as I made my commute to the cozy studio a few miles from my house.


January marks my fifth year practicing yoga. My absence from a practice that brings calm and peace to my mind and body including my blood sugars and a sense of ease and joy was not intentional or desired. Continue reading

Need a boost in energy too?


I LOVE this!!! I just learned something SO very positive while at my acupuncture visit—I wish to share with you too! It has been close to 3 months now that I have been under the weather after coming down with the flu/upper respiratory type infection which led into pneumonia and finally last month a car accident on our wedding anniversary the day after my potent antibiotic ended for the pneumonia. Continue reading

Struggle Stinks: A Diabetes Light Guest Post

Editor’s note: In honor of November’s Diabetes Awareness Month, I am delighted to share this touching guest post by Jim Murray, one of the founding members of our Diabetes Light Community on Facebook. If you feel moved by Jim’s writing, please take a moment to leave a comment for him below in the post and/or on Facebook too. It is an honor for Diabetes Light to feature his writing. Jim had this to say about the story he wrote: 

I thought that comparing a bully to battling diabetes would help those not affected by diabetes to somehow relate. It also shows that those of us that fight this disease also still have everyday obstacles to deal with as well. Continue reading