Random facts about me!! (for No D-Day 2012!)

Today is no D-Day. No talk about the D-word here or on the Facebook page for our Diabetes Light community or in DOC! No D-Day was started by George Simmons of Ninjabetic. Check out his post here – this is where you can also share a link to your post for today. I think this is a terrific idea as our lives are about SO much more than D. I am happy to take part. Thanks George for creating this new and fun way for us to learn a little bit more about each other!

I have decided to share a little bit about myself in the form of a random fact list (inspired by Ginger Vieira – read her GREAT “No D-Day” post here!!) Continue reading

Easy Breakfast Scramble: Eggs, broccoli, red potatoes & cheese!

Editor’s note: This is a guest post for the American Diabetes Association. It will be featured in the ADA Tour de Cure’s Twin Cities April Red Rider Reader.

Hey Red Riders! Happy Spring to you! I hope this finds you both happy and healthy! I am excited to be bringing you another recipe for our April Red Rider Reader! We have had nice weather early this spring – I hope you are taking advantage of it and sneaking in some early training rides!

I am excited to share this recipe I created with you. It’s ingredients are super yummy yet healthy too! It kind of reminds me of a loaded baked potato! It is also the perfect meal to eat before a training ride for the Tour de Cure or any other workout. In need of a quick, balanced meal — it can also easily be served for lunch or dinner as well. Continue reading

Holistic Health Chef Jeff Woodward: His story & beef stew

Greetings! Ever wonder what goes into making a great chef? Where their passion and interest stem from? I am very much excited to share this post with you and give you a sneak peak into a key component of my health and the foundation of my well-being. Several years ago I was given the opportunity to assist a chef at his weekly cooking classes. Newly diagnosed as someone living with food allergies (gluten, corn and most nuts) and not very proficient in the kitchen, I jumped at the chance. Enter Jeff Woodward. Nationally renowned chef specializing in holistic health cooking.

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