A Brilliant Success Story of Following My Heart & Truth

Oh my goodness!!! I am not able to share exact details, but wow did this morning’s Diabetes Light Facebook post (displayed at bottom of this article or link to left) come in handy shortly after I wrote it!! Want to share with you to give testament to the life-changing message shared! I had a situation come up this morning that I wasn’t sure how to handle. I reached out for help from two local friends and my husband who is in San Francisco this week at a conference. I wasn’t able to reach any of them and sat back a few minutes, hoping I’d hear from one of them soon. Then, I remembered the post I had shared on the page minutes before… Follow your heart. Follow your own truth — it will not lead you astray.

I drafted an email to the person I needed to communicate with in regards to my situation, writing from my heart. I LOVED it — feeling it proudly displayed my truth. So decided to send it off with no feedback from my friends or husband Jaim. All day long I waited for a response on the situation… in agony… wondering… Did I do the right thing?!? Or had I pushed the envelope too far…

I finally got a response this evening, and… I received the extremely positive outcome I was looking for!!! You have no idea how pleased I am right now as I took a risk of losing it all to follow what I believe in and the truth I feel so strong in my heart.

I share my story with you now to inspire you to have courage to do the same in your life.

On a side note, what I can say is that my writing at Finding Peace Between the Pokes for Diabetic Lifestyle will be resuming this month after a several month break. Can’t wait to get back at it and share my holistic message of body, mind and spirit health and wellness with the world. Thanks, as always for your readership, support and just being awesome you. I am blessed. Never does a day go by that I’m not extremely grateful to have people who want to read what I write as I share so transparently from my sensitive heart. <3

ps. Two of the three I contacted this morning for help eventually wrote back, suggesting I accept the situation as is. If I had decided not to follow through in the manner I did (going forth with my own thoughts & ideas about the situation and taking action with the gusto of my own heart!), I never would have realized my own potential or experienced the immensely positive outcome I was seeking. 🙂 Wow, such an amazing and powerful lesson that I will carry with me. I’m so thankful for this growth, always.

From today’s Facebook post (picture credit: Karen Salmansohn):

photo (70)

Follow your heart and pray. There is such a connection between our spirit and the Divine. Do you feel it too? The answers are right there waiting for you or will arrive when the divine timing is just right… How will you know? Whatever you are most passionate about — whatever makes your whole being tremble with aliveness, producing the greatest joy in your heart and smile on your face. This, is what you are called to do. Ask, listen, receive.  God will back you up 100% on these endeavors of your heart. Never listen to the people around you saying it’s not possible! You know your own truth. Honor it. What you are capable of will amaze you.

How is this connected to diabetes? In every way! Body, mind and spirit are all connected. To have health that thrives and a joyous life worth living, we need to remember to look at ourselves this way.

Thanks Karen Salmansohn for this image and great quote this morning. Very thought-provoking. What are your thoughts?

ps. I am not talking about medical care here. Always see your doctor or healthcare provider for medical concerns. This is for matters of the heart and your life purpose! 

In Peace & Light,


The Mountain Bike that Could..

Me & my supportive Sweetie.. :)

Me & my supportive Sweetie.. 🙂

Thank goodness for the supportive people in our lives (friends, spouses and family members..) and things working out positively sometimes even when other things seem so gosh darn hard.. I am thankful. And I have a little much needed renewed hope. 🙂

I had an evening that gave me a lot of joy and happiness and… relief. I made a collage (see below) with the pics I took (naturally — I love pictures!). As some of you know, I have not been able to cycle for about a year, besides the ADA Tour de Cure last month, which I made an exception for, because of my severe frozen shoulder. While on that ride, my shoulder & arm started hurting at mile five and continued hurting for a few weeks which has not left me inspired to hop on my bike again.

Well today was day five with no walk due to some foot pain I have been experiencing. Feeling crabby and just not well from lack of movement for so many days, I set out for a bike ride tonight with Jaim. Thank goodness he was willing to ride with me as I really needed his support and I HIGHLY doubt I would have gotten out on a ride tonight myself without his companionship, support and presence.

This time, per Jaim’s idea, I rode my old mountain bike (vs. new road bike). Jaim pointed out the shock absorption built into this bike might help comfort my shoulder from the bumps. Well I am happy to report we cycled 9-10 miles (the GPS lost track. Grrr.) and I experienced ZERO shoulder or foot pain! Yay!! Let me tell you – it was a LOT of work pedaling up those hills at a park after not cycling much for sooooo long. I plan to go back out tomorrow morning. Sooooo happy! 🙂

I am working on an article to publish that will have the latest update on my foot.

The Collage Pics:

1. As we were about to leave for our ride I looked in the house and saw this silly dog looking out at me – Jonah.. Made me laugh. 🙂
2. The mountain bike and a close-up of the nifty shock absorber that padded my shoulder from the bumps!
3. The adorable little puppy we met tonight on our ride! I did stop my bike ride just to go over and meet her. Her name is Gladys and she is just 10 weeks old and a “Boxador.” (Lab/Boxer mix!).
4. BG on ride – 81. I ate a banana and took a break before pedaling again getting up to 107. I am now at 137. Perfect!
5. Just me before the ride.


Peace & Light,


Focusing on the Love..


Photo Credit: Practicing the Presence through Mind and Meditation, a Facebook page.

As a sensitive person, this is a good reminder.

Wearing a Dexcom CGM (continuous glucose monitor) for several years, I have noticed just how much difficult emotion and hurt feelings impact my blood sugar negatively. My CGM graph can literally climb double arrows up within minutes of a challenging situation or emotion and stay elevated for hours even with increased insulin. I have been struggling with this for way too long. Continue reading

Keep your chin up. You are nothing short of amazing.

Sometimes diabetes management itself (blood sugar checks, shots, pump/CGM maintenance, etc) doesn’t feel so bad or like too much. It’s all those related add-ons — co-conditions/diagnoses, longer recovery times, acute illnesses, the lingering effects of diabetes on the body and mind after a low or high, the emotional and financial stresses and the often necessary yet tiring advocacy vs. remaining misunderstood scenarios that can pop up sometimes much too frequently. These things that get tacked on can really drag someone with diabetes down (me included!) and make it hard to keep on going day after day. Continue reading

Diabetes & Our Body: Love, Forgiveness & Hope

Good morning! I hope you had a night of restful sleep and good blood sugars upon awakening. Mine was 104 this morning when I woke up. Can’t beat that! My husband’s sister and her 3 children are flying in this morning from South Carolina. I am so looking forward to seeing them tonight for dinner at my in-laws house and a bunch over the next week. It has been 3 years since I last saw them. In January when I had tickets to South Carolina to visit them, my cat Juniper become very ill. I stayed here to care for her and she miraculously survived. She is lying to the right of me now while my other cat Mabel is on my left. My husband lovingly calls this “Oreo” as they are two little black furry kitties.

Every morning on my Facebook page for Diabetes Light I share a quote – since day one! It is one of the first things I do when I wake up after testing my blood sugar of course and petting my sweet, cuddly cats. If I have a busy morning and somewhere to be early, my husband has mentioned a few times that I should skip posting a quote that day. This is not something I let happen. I feel that someone might need to hear the message I am sharing and that it may add a little light to their day. This is my hope anyway. Continue reading

25 years: what does that mean exactly?

Looking ahead to another 25 years of life.

25 years. What does this mean exactly? It means I am grateful to be alive. Every day is a gift. I have learned to identify the people and things that are most important in my life and this is what I focus my energy and time on. Today you see, I am celebrating 25 years of life!

25 years ago today I almost lost this life of mine. I was in 6th grade and just 11 years old. I was misdiagnosed for many months as having a virus when I first started getting sick in the fall of 1986 – until that fateful day of February 13, 1987. Continue reading

How do we see ourselves: trapped or free?

atmtx /Foter

“All living things respond physically to the way they think reality is. Dr. Deepak Chopra, an authority on consciousness and medicine, uses the example of flies placed in a jar with a lid on top. But once the lid is removed, they will not leave the jar except for a few brave pioneers. The rest of the flies have made a “commitment to their bodyminds” that they are trapped. Continue reading

My Beautiful Aunt Georgie: A teacher for us

I had the sad occasion of attending a memorial service for my aunt recently. She passed away December 22, 2011, just 2 days before Christmas. She was not just any aunt. Her name was Aunt Georgie.  She had a very special way about her. Her face and whole being would light up when you came into the room. She never left you feeling less than special after being in her presence. Continue reading