How to Stay Warm in a Polar Vortex.. Lessons From a Pup Named Jonah!

Jonah was born in Kentucky so is more of a Southern boy. In January 2013 he gave some ideas of how to survive cold snaps. He’s back around this January with a few more tips of how to stay warm when you live in a chilly Northern state like Minnesota where the weather gets frightfully cold.. (-11 reg. temp & -35 below windchill right now*!). This is the coldest winter we can remember! *Written on Monday 1/27/14.
1) Find any patch of sunlight streaming through a window and just bask. Close your eyes, feel the warmth. Let it brighten your spirit!

IMG_78862) Look really cute and slightly cold while relaxing on your dog bed. If you are successful, your human will have empathy for you and cover you with a blanket. This will keep you warm and toasty. Enjoy.

IMG_78803) Find your favorite toys and play! You may not be able to play outdoors when it gets this chilly but indoors is a very suitable next-best-thing replacement. By expending energy in movement, you naturally stay warm and keep your blood sugars in check!

IMG_78894) Give ’em the best puppy eyes you’ve got (hoping it will work just like last time…) and politely ask to sit on their lap!  If you look adorable enough in your attempt, they will give in! Warm laps are the absolute best! And they make you forgot about the cold weather conditions outside… at least for a bit! 🙂

IMG_7894We hope these tips helped! Much love and many warm and snuggly greetings and high fives from Jonah… the Minnesota rescue pup teaching you to always rescue a dog vs. buy from a breeder or pet shop. Rescues are extremely lovable and will fill your home with immense amounts of joy and laughter (as you can see from the photos shared – my little comedian!).

One more thing.. If all else fails, wait out the cold weather patiently. The next day that’s a little warmer is sure to come soon!

In Peace & Light,

Cynthia and… Jonah! 🙂

Happy 3rd Birthday to Jonah, one of my Favorite Type 3’s!

I turn 3 today!!

I turn 3 today!!

Three years ago today our darling dog Jonah was born in the Southern state of Kentucky. Arriving in this world as a stray, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue brought Jonah and his family up to Minnesota where they could be adopted into a loving home. At just nine weeks old we adopted this sweet little guy (on my birthday!). What a great birthday present he was. (Some cute puppy pics of Jonah to come soon in an Almost Wordless Wednesday post!). Continue reading

Lessons from Jonah #2: love is about receiving too…

Jonah turns 2 today! Please help wish him a Happy Birthday!

He also has a few things to say (in honor of his special day…) 

Are you ready to listen??

When we think about love, we often think about what we can do for others to show them our love– Continue reading