Carrots and Raisins: A Lesson in Empathy

Miss KToo cute. A Mom of a T1 contacted me (due to my food intolerances) to ask what would be a good gluten and nut free pre-packaged snack to bring for treat day at her daughter’s school. As I have made a conscious choice to cut way back on processed food, I was at a loss of what to suggest that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. I assumed that the gluten and nut free treats were for her 12 year old Type 1 daughter — I was informed otherwise. Her daughter is just fine but there are two other kids in class – one who cannot eat gluten and another who cannot eat nuts. This sweet T1 girl said, “The other kids bring in things like cupcakes for all, and the girl who is on a gluten free diet doesn’t get anything…” Not wanting for any child to feel left out, she worked with her mom to find a safe snack that everyone could enjoy. Eventually deciding on individual bags of carrots and little boxes of raisins for each child. Perfect!

I was just so touched by her heart. Diabetes is really a challenging and at times unbearable condition that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But… this is a perfect example of how diabetes can change even the littlest of souls. And help us be better people — kinder and more considerate of others and their needs because of the pain and struggles we’ve endured. I wanted to share this touching story with you to remind you that there is beauty in the struggles. Love despite the pain.

Bless this young T1’s heart and all the little T1’s out there who are learning what the true meaning of empathy is and are truly wise beyond their years. 

*Thank you to the mother who graciously allowed me to share her story and provided me with this sweet picture.

**Story originally published on the Facebook page for Diabetes Light.

In Peace, Light & Health,


Spare a Rose, Save a Child!


I awoke Saturday morning with an email in my Gmail inbox (this same email was sent to many diabetes bloggers in the DOC–Diabetes Online Community) from one of the most well-known diabetes bloggers in the world. Kerri Morrone Sparling of Six Until Me. I was curious. What could this be about? Why was she writing me? I read through the email right away rather than starring it to read later. My consensus? If there is one thing to help with.. this is it!

Spare a Rose, Save a Child!

I LOVED what I read. There are not many things I like more than connecting with people all around the country and world—learning about the individual and cultural differences and similarities we each share. I am also passionate about helping people in need. Sometimes Often, it feels like a full-time job taking care of my health and along with everything else that keeps me busy, I do not have as much time or energy as I would like to donate to causes that are important to me. That is one reason I like Diabetes Light. I am able to fit in posts to the Facebook community and write new articles here at the blog when the time is right for me—like this morning. I woke up super early and am now writing this post from the comfort of my bed. 🙂 It is also why I like this initiative.  Continue reading