One more good thing from today’s endo appointment…

Oh! My endo also made NO changes to my insulin because I’m rocking the numbers pretty darn good on my own. Snap! Haha. 🙂

Boy did this feel good! And I think it is a first that there have not been any adjustments made to my regimen at my quarterly appointment.


Note: I do eat carbs. I don’t follow any particular dietary fad but just eat healthy! I believe in balance and eat an organic gluten free+ whole foods diet. I also allow myself treats, many of which are healthy and I bake on my own. This is what works for me, deprivation does not. My gluten free diet is due to a sensitivity and I also cannot eat corn, dairy and many nuts due to sensitivities.

Daily walks, yoga & meditation, holistic modalities like homeopathy and viewing my health in it’s entirety as mind, body & spirit help me achieve balance in my numbers without too many extremes in lows or highs– the true measure of good control.

An ideal A1C has this balance. It is the extreme fluctuations in blood sugar that are so hard on the body and worse than a little higher A1C without the variation (direct words from my endo today!). Swings in blood sugar increase the inflammation process in the body and also the development of free radicals. So keep ’em steady!

And do not compare your A1C to others because you never know what numbers went into making their A1C what it is! It could be a lot of drastic lows and highs. It could also be great blood sugars and a lot of hard work.

The point is that it doesn’t do anyone any good to compare yourself to others in diabetes management or life! We are all in our own spot in our journey contributing what we are able. And you are doing great!

This is also why I do not share my A1C publicly too often. I work hard to have a number that helps me feel healthy and proud (and also that my doctor is proud of) and that is what is important to me.

Important Reminder!

Not every day looks like this for me—it’s hard work being a pancreas! (as you know..). But I try my best each day and that is the best I can do! I let go of what didn’t go so well the day before and start each day anew.

ps. I shared on the Facebook page to Diabetes Light earlier that my A1C has gone down .4 since switching from the insulin pump to MDI (multiple daily injections/shots). I believe I made the switch in May. Bravo to improvements in insulin (Lantus) that help make this transition easier.

In Peace & Light,