Grrr. (Not okay!) & Thank you!!

Wow! For the first time ever I was just treated very rudely and disrespectfully by a community member on Diabetes Light’s Facebook page. In the 1.5 years since I founded Diabetes Light (the blog) and our AWESOME Facebook community, I do not think this has happened yet. I have never had to throw out an announcement to treat each other with kindness and respect that I’ve seen on many other diabetes Facebook groups/pages. You guys all just rock! Seriously!! But what just happened is not okay. It hurts me. And it is unfair. I took time out of my busy day to respond to a community member’s comment and was attacked and put down.
I receive zero monetary compensation for the work I put into Diabetes Light. I write, share and invest a significant amount of time and energy into Diabetes Light and building our Facebook community. Why? Because I am genuinely passionate about living a GOOD life – mind, body and spirit despite the diagnosis of diabetes (food sensitivities + hypothyroid) that so many of us have. I have met many people over the years who share this same 24/7 grueling diagnosis of diabetes and struggle a great deal—mentally, emotionally and/or physically. I have been there too and also have really hard days (and sometimes weeks & months…). We all do. Through wanting a better life for myself and a bright future, I have found some things (many based in integrative medicine – blending the best of Eastern & Western theories and practices) to help me live more positively and with greater health and joy. I created Diabetes Light because I wish to share what I have learned and help others with chronic health conditions live healthier lives with both peace and joy.

Lunch with Mom

Between our busy schedules, I do not get to see my mom nearly as often as I’d like. At the beginning of 2013, I moved my monthly homeopathic appointments to Wednesday so that while I was on her end of town I would be able to visit her. Last Wednesday was the first Wednesday things worked out that we were able to meet.

I was excited. Although we catch up on the phone several times a week, it’s always great to have one on one time with her in person. After all, my mom is one of my very best friends and one of my favorite people in the world. She is someone I share so much of my life with. Someone I can be myself around (even when I am feeling sensitive or blue, or just have a lot on my plate), someone I laugh with and confide in—everything from the joys and struggles in life and with my health to the calls I used to make to her about figuring out the first few years of this thing called marriage. She is always there for me. Continue reading