Almost Wordless Wednesday: Spring in Minnesota

I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Spring last week. Happy Spring!! (seven days late…). Sorry.. I think that I forgot because we are having a very chilly and winter-like spring here in Minnesota.

I was bundled up and shivering as I drove to visit my niece and her mom last Wednesday morning on that first day of spring. It was only 5 degrees out! The following morning it was not much warmer, only 9 degrees. It is finally warming up a bit and is actually 43 degrees out this afternoon—this is considered almost a heat wave here for us hardy Minnesotans. I went for a short walk with my husband and dog Jonah but still had to brave a lot of slippery ice and big melting puddles on the path. Jonah didn’t like getting his paws wet either and did his best to walk around the puddles. We may reach the low 50’s on Friday and Saturday before cooling back down into the 30’s and 40’s again. But I can guarantee you there will be people out in t-shirts despite all the snow. Continue reading

2012 Wego Health Awards Party: You’re Invited!

So on Thursday evening of this week (just two days away!) there is a big party!! And YOU are all invited. Don’t worry, it is an online/virtual party, so EVERYONE who is interested can come. Yay!! What is the party for? Read below!! 🙂

Several months ago I found out I was nominated for several WEGO Health Activist Awards for my work with Diabetes Light. I was overjoyed. It is a wonderful feeling to learn that several members of our community went out of their way to share some positive feedback about Diabetes Light to be considered for this special award. Thank you to each of you who submitted your kind words on my behalf. I appreciate it so much!! Continue reading

A Poem for Tuesday: The Days with Sunshine…

Editor’s note: I am reading through this poem again tonight after publishing several hours ago and feel I should explain where I am coming from. Some days living with a chronic health condition can be extremely difficult and challenging beyond belief (as you know!). I believe it is important to feel these emotions when they come up and let them out. I did this in the form of writing this poem. I was feeling frustrated Saturday morning after waking up with a high blood sugar caused by my life being busy and not having the time needed for the self-care my body requires. I was reminded once again how much I have to give each day for my health to cooperate. I do try to see the glass as half full, but I am not afraid to let go of difficult emotions as they come up. I believe this release helps one to be healthier physically and emotionally as suppressed emotions can lead to physical manifestations in the body.

I’m guessing you might be able to relate to some of my feelings?!? If so, try writing a poem or journaling about it next time. In my experience, it really helps me move beyond what I am feeling at the time and feel more positive again.
Free-Vector-Sunshine-LandscapeM (1)

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Happy 3rd Birthday to Jonah, one of my Favorite Type 3’s!

I turn 3 today!!

I turn 3 today!!

Three years ago today our darling dog Jonah was born in the Southern state of Kentucky. Arriving in this world as a stray, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue brought Jonah and his family up to Minnesota where they could be adopted into a loving home. At just nine weeks old we adopted this sweet little guy (on my birthday!). What a great birthday present he was. (Some cute puppy pics of Jonah to come soon in an Almost Wordless Wednesday post!). Continue reading

Decade of Discovery interviews Diabetes Light!

Good morning! I am sharing with you today something I am really excited about and is a great honor for me. Some of you may have heard the news earlier this week on Facebook, but for those of you who did not or missed it while it lived it’s short life on the Facebook newsfeed, here it is!

Decade of Discovery recently asked me to share about the greatest love and passion I have ever known—the blog and Facebook community for Diabetes Light. Decade of Discovery is an incredible organization combining the efforts of the Mayo Clinic and University of Minnesota to find a cure for diabetes. This amazing organization full of passionate doctors, researchers and advocates is located right here in my home state of Minnesota. Join their Facebook page to keep up to date on all of their latest research and developments! Continue reading