A Poem: Diabetes, You Have Made Me..

images-2Hello! Two poems this week! I unexpectedly began writing a poem this morning a few hours after waking up. It is a reflection on living life, almost 26 years now, with Type 1 diabetes. After writing the poem, I decided to make a video recording of myself reading the poem to share here at Diabetes Light. At the same time I was setting up my iPhone to record, a good friend of mine suggested the very same thing—that I record myself reading the new poem to share with each of you. She received a recording through text this morning, and felt it had to be shared with you this way too. Continue reading

Good self-care = perfect diabetes? Not always the case..

Yesterday was one of the worst D-days for me in recent history. After another horrible event last night—ending up in a low while trying to walk on the treadmill, I decided it might be healing to put some of my thoughts on paper and let the feelings out! Here is my journal entry shared with the world. I am guessing some if not most of you might be able to relate to a portion of it.
I am so upset right now. This is why. After a day of excellent self-care for my health and diabetes, I sit here with a low blood sugar. You see I started my day with a 10:00 am yoga class. Strength building, breath work and creating peace and harmony in my body. 75 minutes of hard work. Blood sugar after yoga? 225. Continue reading

Lessons from Jonah #3: How to Survive Cold Snaps

We have been experiencing some really cold weather this winter in Minnesota. After last year’s unseasonably warm winter, it has felt very chilly. Temperatures have gone as low as -12 F and wind chills around -30 F for several days this week! (even colder in other parts of the state). Brrrr. Just when we thought it was going to warm up a little, it’s only -2 out there right now! As many of you are experiencing, this cold snap has stretched into other parts of the country including Canada.

Jonah has a lesson to share with you in all this.. Continue reading

Bliss: My Return to Yoga!

After 3 long months, I finally made it back to yoga for the first time last Sunday and returned again this morning. Both times rather ambitious as I did not have warm weather making the journey easy, rather zero degree weather with negative wind chills and fierce winds beckoning me and my mat as I made my commute to the cozy studio a few miles from my house.


January marks my fifth year practicing yoga. My absence from a practice that brings calm and peace to my mind and body including my blood sugars and a sense of ease and joy was not intentional or desired. Continue reading

No-Bake Chocolate Drop Cookies


No-bake chocolate drop cookies. Yum! I woke up thinking about this recipe one morning this past week. I knew I had to make them and share the recipe here. They are so simple and quick to make and filled with nutritious ingredients.

I grew up eating these cookies and they were always a favorite of mine. In college I asked my mom for the recipe so I could make and enjoy them at my apartment. Cutting down the sugar by half, I would happily devour them with a glass of milk as my breakfast or a snack before heading to class. Continue reading

Almost Wordless Wednesday: I’m part of this family too, right?

These pictures were taken was on our 5 year wedding anniversary last month on December 7, 2012. We got home after celebrating and I realized that we did not have a picture yet of the two of us for our special day. This had to be fixed!

I sat down next to Jaim on the couch and just as I was about to take our picture, look who decided to join us! Continue reading

Need a boost in energy too?


I LOVE this!!! I just learned something SO very positive while at my acupuncture visit—I wish to share with you too! It has been close to 3 months now that I have been under the weather after coming down with the flu/upper respiratory type infection which led into pneumonia and finally last month a car accident on our wedding anniversary the day after my potent antibiotic ended for the pneumonia. Continue reading