Almost Wordless Wednesday: Happy Halloween!! (from the dog!)

This photo was taken last year on Halloween. We were just on our way out the door for a walk when I snapped this picture of Jonah in his little Halloween outfit. I was sure Jonah dressed up like this might make someone smile but I think he was just noticed by a guy driving by in his car who smiled at us as he rolled by. Continue reading

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Little diabetes advocate me!

Just call me little diabetes advocate…

Later last evening after I got some banana custard in the oven, (recipe post coming soon!) I started looking in the storage room through old boxes. I was looking for what I was sure was in there – childhood photos of me. I’ve had a few requests after writing my Random facts about me post to share a picture of my tanned preppy teenage self. That picture is to come another Wednesday! Continue reading

Almost Wordless Wednesday!: Barney Butter

I was given a hard time last week in my first installment of Wordless Wednesday by a few people including my husband.

Culprit: I had a few words in my post.

I decided to rename my ‘Wednesday picture of my life’ posts to “Almost Wordless Wednesday!” There! Problem solved. This way I won’t be called out on sharing a few tidbits… ; )

Below is a picture of enjoyment at it’s finest! The end of a jar of Barney Butter… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Fall

I am excited to share with you my first post for Wordless Wednesday! Due to my love of snapping photos of my everyday life and the beautiful view I was able to capture on our walk along the Mississippi River on Sunday, I thought this was a great Wednesday to start! Enjoy. Continue reading

A poem for Tuesday: Oh, diabetes!

Today I bring you the first installment of new poems — fresh off the press! Last week the entire DOC rejoiced in fun and creativity on Diabetes Art Day which was September 24. As some of you already know (but for the rest of you who do not) instead of much art coming out for me, poetry did! As I have never been a poet or used much creativity since I was a child, it was a big surprise for me. Continue reading