Keep your chin up. You are nothing short of amazing.

Sometimes diabetes management itself (blood sugar checks, shots, pump/CGM maintenance, etc) doesn’t feel so bad or like too much. It’s all those related add-ons — co-conditions/diagnoses, longer recovery times, acute illnesses, the lingering effects of diabetes on the body and mind after a low or high, the emotional and financial stresses and the often necessary yet tiring advocacy vs. remaining misunderstood scenarios that can pop up sometimes much too frequently. These things that get tacked on can really drag someone with diabetes down (me included!) and make it hard to keep on going day after day. Continue reading

Diabetes & Our Body: Love, Forgiveness & Hope

Good morning! I hope you had a night of restful sleep and good blood sugars upon awakening. Mine was 104 this morning when I woke up. Can’t beat that! My husband’s sister and her 3 children are flying in this morning from South Carolina. I am so looking forward to seeing them tonight for dinner at my in-laws house and a bunch over the next week. It has been 3 years since I last saw them. In January when I had tickets to South Carolina to visit them, my cat Juniper become very ill. I stayed here to care for her and she miraculously survived. She is lying to the right of me now while my other cat Mabel is on my left. My husband lovingly calls this “Oreo” as they are two little black furry kitties.

Every morning on my Facebook page for Diabetes Light I share a quote – since day one! It is one of the first things I do when I wake up after testing my blood sugar of course and petting my sweet, cuddly cats. If I have a busy morning and somewhere to be early, my husband has mentioned a few times that I should skip posting a quote that day. This is not something I let happen. I feel that someone might need to hear the message I am sharing and that it may add a little light to their day. This is my hope anyway. Continue reading