Holistic Health Chef Jeff Woodward: His story & beef stew

Greetings! Ever wonder what goes into making a great chef? Where their passion and interest stem from? I am very much excited to share this post with you and give you a sneak peak into a key component of my health and the foundation of my well-being. Several years ago I was given the opportunity to assist a chef at his weekly cooking classes. Newly diagnosed as someone living with food allergies (gluten, corn and most nuts) and not very proficient in the kitchen, I jumped at the chance. Enter Jeff Woodward. Nationally renowned chef specializing in holistic health cooking.

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25 years: what does that mean exactly?

Looking ahead to another 25 years of life.

25 years. What does this mean exactly? It means I am grateful to be alive. Every day is a gift. I have learned to identify the people and things that are most important in my life and this is what I focus my energy and time on. Today you see, I am celebrating 25 years of life!

25 years ago today I almost lost this life of mine. I was in 6th grade and just 11 years old. I was misdiagnosed for many months as having a virus when I first started getting sick in the fall of 1986 – until that fateful day of February 13, 1987. Continue reading